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Our Collections

CLASSIC The Perfect Choice
for Everyday Use

The CLASSIC series features the most extensive range of nonstick cookware in the market and is specifically designed for gas and ceramic stovetops. The timeless design is suitable for everyday use - year after year.

PROFESSIONAL The Unrivaled Master
of the Kitchen

The PROFESSIONAL series includes elegant pots, pans and saucepans with a minimalist Scandinavian design. Its extraordinary performance, durability and functionality makes any cooking task a breeze.

PRO IQ Danish Design and
Professional Performance

The PRO IQ series features an assortment of high quality cookware with induction capability. It’s made from cast aluminum with brushed steel handles. The pure aluminum and high-tech steel give PRO IQ an exclusive look.

CTX The Ultimate in
Danish Cookware

The CTX series includes an exclusive collection of pots, pans and saucepans for the quality conscious cook. CTX’s beautiful satin-finished stainless steel exterior makes it one of the most renowned ranges within Danish cookware.

MAITRE D’ The Stunning Copper and
Stainless Steel Collection

The MAITRE D’ series is a beautiful assortment of cookware that combines French elegance with timeless design. Selection of copper, induction and stainless steel cookware and accessories.

TECHNIQ Developed with and inspired by professional chefs

The TechnIQ series features the revolutionary commercial-grade nonstick, STRATANIUM+. TechnIQ was shaped by intellectual curiosity to provide improved ergonomics and optimal features. Developed with and inspired by professional chefs, TechnIQ cookware is crafted to last a lifetime.

HAPTIQ Mirror-Polished Elegance that
performs as good as it looks

HAPTIQ is SCANPAN’s new sleek mirror-polished cookware collection that features the revolutionary commercial-grade nonstick, STRATANIUM+. Unlike other nonstick, HAPTIQ’s STRATANIUM+ offers better food release due to its micro-textured surface for exceptional searing, easy serving and stress-free cleanup.

MAITRE D’ CUTLERY Kitchen Knives and accessories
for the Connoisseur

MAITRE D’ Knives are designed for those who like elegant and functional tools.

CLASSIC CUTLERY The New Classic cutlery
for demanding tasks

CLASSIC Knives are functional and elegant cutlery made to handle the most demanding tasks. The new and upgraded CLASSIC knife series features Danish design and modern production technology.

with Induction Capability

The CLASSIC INDUCTION series is a limited selection of nonstick cookware with induction capability which features energy-saving technology. The squeeze-cast base delivers even heat distribution and low energy consumption. The stay-cool Bakelite handles are secured by a patented locking system for maximum durability.

CLASSIC TOOLS Everyday Kitchen Accessories

CLASSIC TOOLS feature a user-friendly and genuine Danish design. Each tool is crafted to assist with everyday food preparation and serving. Plus, the optimized handle offers improved ergonomics for a secure and comfortable grip.

ES5 ES5 Ergonomic Design for Every Cook

ES5’s elegant ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold and oven safe, and they’re attached without rivets for a perfectly smooth interior surface that’s a breeze to clean. The ES5 collection is a versatile addition to any kitchen.

CS+ CS+ High Performance Nonstick with Maximum Functionality

The CS+ Series features revolutionary commercial-grade nonstick, STRATANIUM+, in a beautiful brushed stainless steel and aluminum body. CS+ has a micro-textured surface for incredible searing and is compatible with all cooktops.